#COSCreate 2021 Video Contest, enjoy the video creation and win $2,500 in prize!

Dear Content Creators,

COS.TV is a decentralized video platform powered by blockchain technology, with more than 2 million monthly active users and over 4 million user content uploads. COS.TV encourages free speech and no censorship, real time monetization based on engagement and provides a service to turn your videos into NFT. We are now inviting you to become part of our COS.TV community.

Register and participate in our 2021 COS Creator campaign #COSCreate, participants of the campaign will enter and share the prizes of a $2,500 USD prize pool, $2,000 USD on gift cards, $500 USD Airdrop. Join #COSCreate 2021 Video Campaign now and become part of the COS.TV family!

The Winners!:

The campaign is over! And we want to thank all the talented creators that participated in our #COSCreate 2021 Video Contest. We introduce the winners!

  • Rocket creators: The creators with the most popular videos of the campaign!
  1. Dadventurer: https://cos.tv/channel/28887414468944896
  2. JordanGreen: https://cos.tv/channel/29032518116091904
  3. AppleZZ: https://cos.tv/channel/28979935157068800
  • Video participation: The winners with more than 300 views that won the 1,000 split and Ads Monetization for their channels!
  1. Dadventurer: https://cos.tv/channel/28887414468944896
  2. jordangreen: https://cos.tv/channel/29032518116091904
  3. AppleZZ: https://cos.tv/channel/28979935157068800
  4. col***com: https://cos.tv/channel/29003419341988864
  5. Cheap Angler: https://cos.tv/channel/28962632542102528
  6. kaarlococo games: https://cos.tv/channel/26510006055248896
  • The Winner for the 300 USD Lucky Draw will be contacted shortly

Thanks to all the new members of the COS.TV family and we hope to see you at the next big events!

Ⅰ. Campaign Timeline:

There is more time to participate! #COSCreate has been extended from July 9 to July 16, Winners will be announced on July 26 and prizes will be distributed on August 2, new users and content creators will still have the chance to win from our $2500 Prize pool.

  • Submit videos between 06/25/2021 to 07/16/2021
  • Contest prize will be announced on 07/26/2021
  • Awards will be distributed before 08/02/2021

ⅠⅠ. How to Participate

1. How to participate as a creator?

  • Step 1: Register your account on COS.TV
  • Step 2: Post at least 2 videos in any topics, longer than 1 minute, and include “#COSCreate” in the video title.

🎁 Prizes for content creators:

1. Rocket creators rewards: Prize will be given to creators with top liked videos:

  • 1st place:$500 USD Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd place: $300 USD Amazon Gift Card
  • 3nd place: $200 USD Amazon Gift Card
  • All the rocket creators could mint one of your video into NFT and trade it on OpenSea(worth $100 USD)

2. Video participation rewards:

Every participant has a great chance to win! Prizes below will be given to creators who have reached 300 video views or 100 COS.TV followers during the contest period.

  • Access to Ads monetization
  • Join a random lucky draw, 10 creators will split 1,000 USD on Amazon Gift Cards!

2. How to participate as a user?

  • Step 1: Register your account on COS.TV
  • Step 2: Give one Like to any video with #COSCreate
  • Step 3: Follow at least 3 COS.TV creators to enter airdrop and lucky draw.

🎁 Prize for everyone:

  • All participants meet the three steps above, three lucky users will be randomly selected to win $100 Amazon Gift Card each!

III. Terms and Conditions:

  • All videos must be original works of the participants. Videos determined to have their number of views falsely boosted, etc. via any malicious means, will mean the participant’s disqualification from the contest.
  • Creators may post multiple videos during the contest period, but may only participate to win the rocket creators reward with the video received the most likes.
  • This contest is limited to participants from North America (United States and Canada).
  • Any video that commits copyright infringement will be reported and investigated, COS.TV reserves the right to turn down any videos and accounts guilty of this.
  • Creators are able to participate with many of their videos, but only allowed to win with one.
  • This contest is limited to first time registered users.

Learn More About COS.TV…

From our website, or join official COS.TV communities on your favorite platforms to stay up to date!

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The Decentralized Global Content Ecosystem. Website: https://www.contentos.io/

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The Decentralized Global Content Ecosystem. Website: https://www.contentos.io/

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